The House on the Rock: Here FOR SALE an old typical sicilian farmhouse in the San Giovanni La Punta Territory, Catania

You can easily reach this location from the road connecting Canalicchio ( i.e. North Catania )  with San Gregorio di Catania.
The area is located in a new residential setting.
The site is surrounded by roads and a nearby public parking facing the property can be used  easily and almost exclusively.
A green public recreational area is very close .
There is a good panorama , particularly in the West and the South sides.

We find a main house and a separate building, both of them embedded in a 1400 sm  area. The buildings belong to the beginning of the last century and you can find also a cistern built at the time to collect rain water.
The main house is built on a huge lava rock basis  , which gives a remarkable stability and the lack of rising humidity .

Hence, its name “ The House on the Rock “

Walls are in pretty good conditions, while the roof and all refiniments and technological plants must be totally done.
All masonry works are made with lava stones and therefore , extremely long lasting.
The property is particularly suitable for people who prefer a restoration project to obtain an extremely exclusive dwelling.


Following, some data about this lot :

  • Total site area 1400 sm ( including buildings )
  • Main building area 164 sm
  • Secondary building area  60 sm
  • Cistern capacity about 60 cm

Price is in the range between 200.000,00 and 400.000,00 € .

Should you be interested in this property , you can call the following mobile number +39 3387458110

For every technical or administrative questions regarding this property, you will find a Group of selected Architects and Engineers to help you , absolutely free of charge .

Moreover, in case of purchase , we can give you effective support in contacting selected Companies involved in house restoration projects.

We can not give neither expressed nor implied guarantee of what stated above, due to changing laws and situations.

All details must be checked by the buyer before the purchase act.


Vedi in Google – Map

Vedi Casa nella Roccia in Italiano


Scarica e/o visualizza, in formato PDF, l'”Inquadramento”


Scarica e/o visualizza, in formato PDF lo “stato di fatto”

Ipotesi Progettuale

Si propone uno “Studio di Fattibilità” a cura dello Studio

“Ellenia+Tre Architettura Ingegneria”
Via Carnazza, 81
tel: 095 338815
95030 – Tremestieri Etneo (CT)

00 Piano Terra

01 Piano Rialzato

02 Pianta Copertura

Scarica e/o visualizza, in formato pdf, lo “Sketch”


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